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The John Marsh Journals, Vol. 2


The Life and Times of a Gentleman Composer (1752-1828)


Edited, introduced and annotated by Brian Robins

Pendragon Press, Stuyvesant, NJ 

ISBN: 978-1-57647-173-9

xii + 429pp

First Published: 2013


Currently out of print. It is sometimes possible to find second-hand copies


The extensive journals of the dilettante English composer John Marsh, which cover the period 1752-1828, represent one of the most important musical and social documents of the times. Following the critically acclaimed Journals of John Marsh, Volume I, this second book takes the reader from Marsh’s 50th birthday in June 1802 up to his death on 31 October 1828.

During the first decade of this period, Marsh’s extraordinary drive and enthusiasm for music making and organisation showed little sign of abating. Even after his retirement as director of the Chichester subscription concerts, Marsh continued to observe musical and other events in London and the provinces with undiminished interest, providing invaluable insights into the great early 19th century musical festivals in such cities as Birmingham and York.

Yet, as with the earlier volume, Marsh’s endlessly inquiring mind is evident in the wide range of topics that continued to excite his interest, making this second volume an essential companion for all those interested in the dynamic social life of Regency and late-Georgian Britain. Corrected work lists of Marsh’s musical and literary writings are included.


Extracts from reviews of The John Marsh Journals, vol 2


The John Marsh Journals, vol 2 is a monumental and chronologically organised work of impeccable scholaship. A seminal study, no academic library's European Music History collection can afford to be considered either comprehensive or complete without the inclusion of the two volumes on journals of John Marsh - Andy Jordan, Reviewer's Bookwatch, August 2013


The John Marsh Journals - vol. 2 is an essential companion for those interested  in the dynamic social life of Regency and late-Georgian England - Sir Readalot, No. 173, September, 2013.





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